Funnel & Switch


Curated by Angelia Word Mahaney

Funnel & Switch traverses a network of potential solutions to some of the most pressing socio political questions of our generation. Ownership of data and objects in both the digital and physical sphere are currently defaulted to corporations and are exploited to subvert the common good. Funnel & Switch tackles crucial questions which respond to society's compounding technological developments and capitalist greed. How does a lack of government regulations on digital data destabilize individuals' decision-making capacity over personal privacy? What solutions can we find to preserve vital resources and culturally significant items, when corporate capitalism is eclipsing human rights?

Funnel & Switch examines controversial topics surrounding security cam footage, body imaging, AI, heartbeat data, culturally significant objects, and the manipulation of natural resources. The artists tackle these ethical dilemmas by investigating alternative dynamics that can exist between those with power and the rest of humanity, innovating tactics to resist, respond, recount, restore, repatriate and recycle. Despite unveiling harsh realities, the exhibition intends to instigate mechanisms for positive change, and pepper hope throughout an increasingly bleak trajectory for our collective future.

Participating Artists