Curated by Duncan Bass

Assistant curators: Bopha Hul, Patrick Casey O'Shea

Six months ago society slammed the brakes, and as we struggle to reorient ourselves—in time, in space, and in relation to one another—the past becomes difficult to distinguish from the future. In this haze, one thing is clear: the present is our moment, and our chance to build the world we want to inhabit.

[Dis]position is a virtual exhibition that embraces its immaterial status to bring together digital and physical artworks and environments. Folding the map in on itself to fuse distant geographies, [Dis]position underscores the impossibility of a virtual utopia and the urgency of reimagining our collective reality. Using the prefix dis- as an organizing principle, the artworks in the exhibition act as a reversing force, embracing the conditions of physical dislocation to foreground the inherent potential of shared aesthetic experience.